lundi, juin 19, 2006

Caution: Potentially Offensive

This picture is currently illustrating a post called "Enchanté" on Kinnie & Twistees. I originally chose it because it was the coolest image there was when I google-imaged the word "enchanté". No other reason. I later found a comment by Hsejjes asking me to remove the picture because she finds it "offensive". I will add more to this post later on if necessary but for now I would like readers of J'Accuse to tell me... Do you find this picture offensive? Can you also justify your answer?

If I knew how to make a poll (Twanny style) I would but we will have to make do with the comments section. Thank you for your input.

4 commentaires:

david a dit…

Maybe the best person to ask would be the singer Margaret Doll Rod herself.

J'accuse: Enchante Margaret. Do you think that sitting on a red satin couch, stark naked with a dummy guitar entre tes jambes is potentially offensive to women out there? I've had a few complaints.

Margaret: You've gotta be kiddin'. Rock 'n Roll. Care for a Mojito, honey.

Hsejjes a dit…

Yawn! This is getting sooooooo boring.

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

well. that just about wraps it up. It would not be so boring if it were really offensive.

Yawn back.

G a dit…

I don't think it's offensive. If she wants to pose then she can.

...woo hoo for nudity... :)