lundi, juin 05, 2006

It's the Commission, stupid

At some point during my holiday faineant slump I checked the latest news on Malta's favourite news site. Di-ve was reporting a Labour Party Press Conference during which President Zrinzo Azzopardi, MEP Joseph Muscat and Secretary General Jason Micallef accused the government of favouritism. So far so good. Not much changes. But then I read on and discovered the context of this accusation.

It turns out that the illuminati of Dar it-Trasparenza had sent their Euro-experts Zrinzo and Muscat to berate the government on the matter of the Daily Media Digest Contract awarded by the Commission of the European Communities to Informa - the Nationalist subsidiary company. The Labour party has once again broken new boundaries in the great championship of understanding European realities. I am quite sure that there are myriad instances where tal-Lejber can bring out their endless mud supply and sling it happily in the direction of the current occupiers of Castille accusing them of favouritism.

Why? I hear you ask. Well simple. The awarding of aforesaid contract by aforementioned European Institution to the abovequoted Nationalist subsidiary had ABSOLUTELY NO LINK with the Government of our banana republic. You see Messers Zrinzo Azzopardi and Joseph Muscat are barking up the wrong tree. The mistake is a huge howler coming from a President who is "edott fil-ligi Ewropea" and a Member of the Parliament of the European Communities.

IF any bungling was made (and I am forced to say IF due to the nature of the case - and my job) it is most probably either at Commission level (that's Ewropp not Kastill) OR at the level of that very honest being at INFORMA who, when filling the application form for the contract enterd NONE in the section where they are meant to declare political affiliation. Such person should also "inform" those ten individuals who will purportedly lose their jobs as the contract goes to shreds that it was his/her slight understatement that is at the root of the damage (probably) and not the fault of any sneaks like J'Accuse who tried to point out the anomaly in their own subtle ways when the contract was announced.

Back to labour. The ever slipping opposition worries me. They could be championing a hundred causes that would shoot them back into government. Instead they are busy calling for the resignation of Maltasong, accusing government of favouritism in instances where it has absolutely no say and drunkenly outshouting the Minister for Environment in Parliament. I would think that with a government like this one being in opposition would feel a bit like being in the Brasil team facing New Zealand on Sunday (4-0). Instead they are a bit more like Berluska's XI facing Liverpool ... doing their best to throw away a three goal margin in six minutes.

Cue Champions League Anthem

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Arcibald a dit…

Tiftakru dak il-kumment li kont ghidt fil-blogg meta nqala kjass shieh? Insejt kif kont ghidtha.. xi haga tat-tip: li kieku l-PN johorgu ghall-elezzjoni wahedhom jitilfuha... imma sakemm jibqghu hekk l-MLP, sfortunatament jibqa kollox status quo.