lundi, juin 26, 2006

Journalism Revisited tries hard to be an alternative, modern newspaper on the web. I did not hold back in praising its layout and can even understand the various columns thrown in to attract the nonchalant readers' attention (and I am not just referring to superhero Guzé the agony uncle). A multitude of ego-trips can be accessed in the form of different diaries with quaint names like Justyne Caruana's "lawlady" MP from Gozo - a cross between Ally McBeal and Giovanna Debono I guess.

In a commendable move has opened its columns to anyone (a bit like the Times but more officially). "This newspaper is yours. That's why you can be one of our opinion writer (sic) too" - is the invitation next to pringlefaced man. Anyways, I have not tried sending any of my high-brow material to the journal so I cannot say whether this open-door policy really works or not.

Prostituting the columns of your paper may boost the readership to include the immediate relatives and friends of whichever writer dares emulate the Dame of the Grammatically Incorrect and enter the democratic field of "opinions are like balls" columnists. Maltastar also have another trick up their sleeve. In the true style of Maltese political journalists, first pioneered by the wiseguys at Triq Herbie Ganado, the use of degrading and downgrading photos of adversaries is adopted as an added weapon in the daily propaganda war.

Just look at the above picture that accompanied this report on Maltastar. You'd be excused for thinking that the photographer had a bad case of the runs and took the photo with a rather shaky hand - but no - it is an intentionally blurred photo. It is meant to show you how bad and unfocused Gonzi is. Or should I say Gonzo? The bright spark at maltastar saved the picture as "gonzopm.jpg" so anyone downloading it can sample the spirit of brave journalism that is so far from ridicule and that pervades our sorry state of affairs we like to call Maltese media.

Having said all that I might as well add that it is useless to complain. Maltastar is after all a Labour Party publication. Like all partisan publications we could not expect any standard higher than this.

Keep rockin' and don't forget to send in your articles plus photo (focused) to .

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a cross between Ally McBeal and Giovanna Debono

LOL. That is a classic.