samedi, juin 17, 2006


Most people associate the Tarot with fortune telling. Until very recently I was one of the "most people category" - tarot meant superstition, weird cards and belief in fate Gakbu Sfigho style. Until I discovered tarot - the game. It,s got seventy eight cards and sounds complicated. I plan to learn how to play it this weekend after having bought my very own set of cards.

Today we crash to the centre of Metz which is immersed in its 19th Annual Book Fair (L'Eté du Livre) and the day seems to be very promising for some traipsing around bookstalls. I've already been to the centre this morning since M had an eight o'clock appointment with her doctor. I love cities that refuse to wake up before nine. I just found one tobacconist open and he only sold one paper - La Republique Lorraine. You cannot get more regional than this paper. International news was hidden away on page 36. Still. The café where I had my three excellent espressos was full of friendly people and the wait for M's appointment to finish turned out to be enjoyable. I could watch Metz wake up gradually just before the assault on the city that wwill inevitably happen by ten a.m..

It's a great diversion from the footie but I will be back infront of the TV in time for Italy - USA. Obviously I will prefer Italy to win... that way the Duh!mericans get to pack their bags and return to the only country where the Miami heat exploits are more important than Ronaldinho's front teeth.

I'm off to the Book Fair. Be seeing ya!

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Fausto Majistral a dit…

Then this should interest you if you plan to come to Malta sometime between now and October:

17 June 2006 – 29 October 2006

'The Cards of Destiny: Gambling, Luck and Magic’ – An exhibition organised by the 'Associazione Culturale Le Tarot' and Heritage Malta in collaboration with the 'Biblioteca Classense of Ravenna' under the patronage of the 'Ministero per I Beni Culturali e Ambientali' of Italy and the 'Ministry for Tourism and Culture' of Malta, at the Inquisitor's Palace, Vittoriosa.

Fausto Majistral a dit…

Btw, what's so special about 10th March 2005?

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

thanks for info. 10th March il-berdej tal-blogg akkuza.