mardi, juin 20, 2006

Mdina Knights FC

I could not let this juicy bit of trivia pass by. Just when you began to think that we had seen it all in football crazy Malta someone goes and sets up a new football team in a hitherto unrepresented town. As you could tell from the accompanying insignia, Mdina - one of Malta's most prestigious towns - now boasts its own football team.

The citadel team seems to have opted for the colours of red and black (at least these are dominant on the kitschy badge they have conjured up). I am still not overly enthusiastic about the wine label style badge. Nor am I too happy with the name of the team. I would have gone on a play of words on the old Universita' at Mdina - the former ruling class of the Maltese. Hence Universitarji Mdina - an original and Maltese name through and through. At least they should change the name to Mdina Kavallieri if this suggestion is too far fetched.

Anyway. Happy birthday. I will definitely adopt the knights as my mascot underdog favourites for the next few seasons.

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Fausto Majistral a dit…

Now that you mention wine label the baġġ (as the supporters of Valletta City would say) looks like the label for Victoria Heights.