samedi, juillet 01, 2006

Main Arena

It's officially back. The childhood pre-match excitement is now in full force. In around 45 minutes I will join Konsu, Karl, Edmond and an as yet unkown person on a two-day trip to Frankfurt-am-Main. My childhood dream has always been one. Not so much as to watch a World Cup match in a stadium but to be there. To be in the city where the match is being played and to share the emotions of the crowd - more specifically to share the heat of the torcida! Ever since I saw the dancing masses in the World Cup film "Gole'!" I wanted to be in the sea of yellow and green. And today I am going there.

My ipod is charged with my best Brasilian music and Euro-adaptations of the same. Sergio Mendes rules, Couleur Cafe with Serge Gainsbourg, Xavier Cougat and Astrud Gilberto will be the soothing part and a CD called Viva Brasil will provide all the batucadas possible. For the late night there is "Disco Brasil".

Fingers crossed, all superstitious rituals in focus and off we go!

3 commentaires:

MaltaGirl a dit…

How incredibly cool! Enjoy :-)

Hsejjes a dit…

OOOOHHHH!!! Lovely! Enjoy!

Kenneth a dit…

Vive la France :)