samedi, juillet 22, 2006

I.M. Jack - 1st edition

I.M. Jack... the weekly saturday roundup on j'accuse

a. War
The war in Lebanon continues and there is no end in sight as Israel prepares for a ground offensive in the South of Lebanon. Israeli reservists called in and South Lebanese urged to evacuate by the Israeli authorities. A sort of "I'm sending all my means of mass destruction in your direction... so please move a bit to the side... I don't want to hurt you. Kerblog link added to j'accuse - Majzen is a Lebanese blogger taking an apolitical / humanitarian stance during this war.

b. Relegation
Calciopoli moves to appeal stage. Juventus lawyer published the text of his appeal submissions on the Juve fan forum. The exodus of major players continued but surprisingly Buffon, Nedved and Del Piero confirmed their allegiance to la Grande Signora.

c. Immigration
Malta dug it's heels over a boatload of immigrants picked up in Libyan waters by a Spanish trawler. The obstinate refusal to take in more immigrants led to the stressful situation making the headlines across Europe and to immediate action by EU authorities. The flux of immigrants continues to increase and notwithstanding this showdown there were still no clear, long-term solutions in sight.

d. Pensions
MLP declared it will nullify any efforts to alter the pensionable age in the same week that Alfred Sant announced that the new Labour projects would be the result of intense studies and consultations. MLP still believes it is reasonable that despite our ageing population the pensionable age should not be increased. "It's the economy stupid?" all over again.

e. Cheap, Cheerful and Entertaining
The week began with the EP plans to introduce the green tax on flights across Europe. We then discovered that the European Commission has taken the first step in what could possibly be infringement procedures against Malta with regard to the departure tax. J'accuse is unableto comment on either the Commission's reasons or on the Maltese government's responses that were hinted at yesterday by Minister Fenech. Which is sad. Because there is loads to say.

f. Heatwave
The Grand Duchy has had a hot, hot week with temperatures hovering around the 30 mark. Looking for a swimming pool is no longer a possibility but a must.

and the open swimming pool at the Parc Hotel Alvisse in Dommeldange is where this working week was ended yesterday afternoon before a fine dinner on the terrace at Rue De Bragance on jarret de porc avec pommes au four followed by a dessert of apples in cinnamon with pistachio ice-cream all downed with laring-cello from the island of Gozo.

Ta' ta.

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Yep. Right. I had the right address on the other previous posts. It's today's that needed changes.