jeudi, juillet 06, 2006

World Cup Finalists


Three short of a whole team. That is how many Juventus players feature in the line up of this World Cup Final. If there were ever any doubts that Juventus never needed all the stupid jerrymandering for which it will pay in the coming years, this should dispel them. If any one still doubted that the 11 players on the pitch (and all of the others in all the other teams) had absolutely no connection with what was going on in the ugly behind the scenes of Italian football, he should think again. It's a pity that the way things are going Juve will definitely be paying a penalty they deserve as an organisation but that they are being made a scapegoat of a system which neeeded a top to bottom change. Some teams that should have been punished for other obscenities that tarnish the name of the game as much as idiots calling a referee will walk out scot free and will instead take part in a dead Serie A and probably a Champion's League.

The mere fact that supporters of the various Rigetta's and Interloser are gleeful at the possibility of winning a Serie A devoid of any real competition just goes to show how the mentality of "winning at all costs" will continue to pervade Italian football once this scandal is come and gone.

In the meantime I will back Del Piero for this World Cup final. Because he is not just one of the best footballers that Italy has produced but also because he is able to winter all hardships and face criticism and get up again ... always better than before. Alessandro Del Piero has time and again show what it is like to be a man and act like one.

Let's enjoy this World Cup Final that is so ironically coloured in Black and White (from the Zidane of old to the Del Piero of today) . And as an afterthought... when you see so much goodness that could be going to waste, I cannot resist joining the chorus....

"Moggi... magari mori oggi"
(e tutta la bella compania Franco Sensi, Giraudo, Baldini, Galliani, Berlusconi, De Santis, ecc)

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Hsejjes a dit…

I never thought I would see the day where I would agree with you so much!

david a dit…

You win, you make more money, you buy great players, you win again, you buy more great players, you make more money, several millions come your way because you're in the Champions league yet again, you win again and prevent other teams from buying the players they'd like to attract by buying them yourself. When five or six big clubs fight for the same thing, it's crucial to have that competitive advantage. Juve developed a special method to stay on top. Chelsea have developed another. No one is denying that Buffon and Cannavaro and Zambrotta are top of their class. Nor that Juve would have been a mid-table squad sans Moggi. But it's those crucial five-ten points that make all the difference.

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

You mean thirty (points... (above Roma). I agree with you on the "preventing other teams from buying the players they'd like to attract". Remember Cassano from Bari to Rome? Remember the non-existent money with which Roma "outbid" Juve? Remember how many times Roma outbid real competition with real money using false guarantees? That is just what I am talking about... somebody is not getting the punishment they too deserve.