vendredi, juillet 28, 2006

Exit from the fires of Hell

From the, today's local news:

Domestic News
Bridel Forest Fire [28-JUL-06]
"A fire broke out in the forest between Bridel and Kopstal in the early hours of yesterday morning. ..." >>> more >>>
Cooking Explosion [28-JUL-06]
"A woman had a lucky excape on Wednesday when a fire started in the kitchen of her home in Luxembourg..." >>> more >>>
Another Field Goes up in Smoke [28-JUL-06]
"On Wednesday evening another field succumbed to the parched conditions in Luxembourg's countryside. ..." >>> more >>>
Hot-air Rising until end of Week-end [28-JUL-06]
"For the tenth time the “Cercle luxembourgeois d’Aérostation” (CLA) is organizing t..." >>> more >>>
Woman Dies in House Fire [28-JUL-06]
"A woman from Trier has died in a fire in her house. The incident happened in the early hours of Thur..." >>> more >>>

and the cheery part of it.... train leaves Luxembourg station at 2.20pm. Leaving the fires behind. A big "adi" to Luxembourg... will be back when the weather should be a little bit more clement.

P.S. Ciao to Rolando il Crucco Napolitano.... see you in Heidelberg.

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