jeudi, juillet 06, 2006

Lussemburgo Citta' Violenta (II)

The last nights have been nights of violence all over the Duchy. Not even 22 Rue de Bragance has been spared. While in Esch-sur-Alzette the violence was inspired by opposing fans during the France - Portugal match, the domestic escalation of bloody behaviour is attributable to feline ferocity of fantabulastic proportions.

(from the Station Network)

Football Fever Spills Over in Luxembourg
In various locations across the country, the excitement of the closing stages of the world cup in Germany has spilled over, resulting in violent altercations. In Esch-sur-Alzette, various incidents were reported between rival groups of French and Portuguese supporters, in which various cars were damaged. Disputes were also reported in Grevenmacher, and in Ettelbruck, close to the train station, the road was blocked with celebrating fans who did not let traffic pass. A man was injured in Differdange following an argument after the game yesterday evening. Luxembourg city saw, or rather heard, the honking of horns after the match, but the police saw to it that there was no trouble between the supporters of both teams.

Xitan has adopted the time-old tradition of "gifts from the cat" which consists of bringing us a collection of live or dead animals (probably depending on their level of shock resistance) to 22 Rue de Bragance. Over the past three or four days the collection expanded as follows:

3 mice (dead)
2 baby birds (dead)
1 big bird (alive and kicking - reliberated by myself after much hassle)
8 feathers (owner unknown)

All is not quiet on the Luxembourg front!

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