dimanche, juillet 09, 2006

Momentary Lapse of Reason

It was meant to be his finest hour. The New York Times might have spoken too soon when it described Zidane as the "coolest" footballer in the world. It was just his cool that was lost when provoked by sly fox Materazzi - because no one head-butts in this manner for no reason at all. It's a pity that a man destined to become legend had to bid his farewell in such a manner - seeing red in the extra time of a world cup final. He should have known better. I hope it will not diminuish the magic of Zizou, that it will not tarnish all the good that he has brought to football. I hope that this momentary lapse of reason will be seen as just that.

On the other hand complimenti to the azzurri. Winning by penalties is not exactly top of the supporter's wish list. I remember not enjoying Brazil's 1994 victory as much as I had hoped. The World Cup has been won by intelligent and cynical football. Both teams in the final got there with a bit of intelligent playing - the European chess game. True, there were moments of flash genius like Pirlo's blind pass to Grosso or Zidane's conjuring tricks, but in the end you would have to be blind to think that the beautiful game is back.

This is not an epitaph. It is just a rationalisation of what has been. I do think that the cup has been lifted by the team that deserved to win it. But the chasm between "deserve" and "beautiful football" is growing. I hope it gets filled before it gets too late.

Tomorrow is another day - from celebration to punishment. We shall see - and we are not hoping for any amnesties. Let's just hope that like Zidane's ugly head-butt and like too many matches ending in penalties, Juventus' dark moment will soon be forgotten - to be dismissed sometime in the future as a momentary lapse of reason.

Good Night.

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ta' bilhaqq a dit…

Zidane's headbutt as reported by the Guardian (UK) and translated in french e-mail doing the rounds : Zidane a signalé à Materazzi, en lui montrant la manche de son maillot: "Ordinanza de tirare il costume!!" (arrete de me tirer le
maillot!!) Déclaration à laquelle réponds Materazzi: - "Taciti, enculo, hai solamente cio che merite..." (Tais toi enculé, tu ne reçois que ce que tu mérites...)
- "si e cio..." (oui...c'est ça...) C'est à ce moment que Zidane s'éloigne quelque peu du défenseur italien, qui poursuit, dans son dos :
- "meritate tutti ciò, voi gli enculato di musulmani, sporchi terroristici" (vous méritez tous ça, vous les enculés de musulmans, sales terroristes)C'est alors que Zidane, désabusé, fatigué, mentalement fragilisé, assène un coup de tête terrible au torse du défenseur, qui toutefois en fais des tonnes, action qui demeure toutefois inexcusable.... Le second problème soulevé est la question de la prise de décision des arbitres par visionnage vidéo...soit la fifa décide d'arbitrer un match avec les données des arbitres, soit elle décide de promulguer l'assistance vidéo, qui demeure à ce jour interdite.Mais elle a toutefois été appliqué
lors de la finale de la coupe du monde. Effectivement, cette énorme bavure > du capitaine français n'aurait pas pu passer inaperçue, mais aurait donc du être jugée et sanctionnée à postériori...à d'autres.

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

I would not rely so much on French e-mails doing the rounds. They happen to come from the losing side still grasping for an excuse. The Guardian reported nothing of the sort.It just speculated that the word "terrorist" was used.

Today's guardian says that a lip reader deciphered Materazzi's words as follows:

"According to the BBC, Materazzi said, "I wish an ugly death to you and all your family," and then told Zidane to "go fuck yourself"."

Which may look ugly but it probably really is "a li mortacci tua - vaffanculo" - not exactly the rarest of insults and definitely not one to provoke a headbutt from a professional player of Zidane's calibre.