jeudi, juillet 13, 2006

Thank God It's Venus

What can I say. The woman never stops surprising her readers. Thank God It's Lorna has taken a break from her PN / Knights of Malta / Philanthropist bashing and switched to a tautologistic, cliché-driven analysis of the fate of the fairer sex in 2006. A few days ago I read the news that sperm could now be created from stem cells. In my reading it meant that the male portion of the population has been now made practically redundant. Lorna is still stuck with penniless legal procurators, men who have no clue about "tools for their hairdo", beerbellies and schools full of young boys engaging in daily masturbation while their fairer counterparts (or colleagues) are busy drawing hearts on their copybooks.

I'd love to take apart yet another article penned by the Gramatically Challenged Feminist but this time I will just let you read the piece in its entirety. The sad note to be drawn from this is that women of this kind are still around. I hesitate to comment lest I be branded a male chauvinist pig (which I do not think I am). What worries me is that even among today's thirty-year old educated women you do find, quite frequently, persons who come up with arguments based on stone-age man and the ever suffering female figure. One would have thought that the bras burnt throughout the middle of last century would not have all gone up in smoke.

Which is what distinguishes your average Daphne from your average Lorna. Dislike her if you must but at least DCG does not kick off her arguments from the position of Cro-Magnon woman. Her articles do not sound like an apology for being a woman before moving on to the real facts of the matter. Less said is better in this case. Enjoy the Lorna show... if it is a show.

Incidentally, here is what Daphne had to say en passant in her article about Maltese support for foreign teams:

"It’s probably the reason why the Italian team irritates me so much, over and above my irrational dislike for men who blow-dry their hair and use moisturiser."

Men who blow dry their hair??? Did you get that Lorna? .... sounds like a good enough tool to me!

5 commentaires:

Athena a dit…

I got up to here: "Women's bodies, mainly covered in soft and vulnerable fat tissues, may well be representative of their easily-hurt emotions or "heart"."

And just couldn't go on.

Antoine Cassar a dit…

After reading Athena's comment I cannot stop laughing...

Hsejjes a dit…

Both articles got at me...but Lorna's certianly took the buscuit.I couldn't stop laughing. Her article is a shame to all feminists around the world. Germaine Greer would have a thing or two to tell her.

Athena a dit…

hehehe twanny I managed to read the article - eventually. Like a paragraph every hour. Anyway I found it really offensive and not something I'd publish. She's also incredibly ignorant of just about... well... everything really.

Athena, who hates *all* stereotypes

Arcibald a dit…

issa Appogg x'illalla ghandhom x'jaqsmu fl-ahhar sentenza? lol