mercredi, juillet 26, 2006

Non Sequitur #58

Delayed Relegation

The final Calciopoli decision means that Juventus will be playing Serie B football for the first time in their 109-year history. The only team that can challenge this record in Italy is Internazionale who will, in all probability survive another 12 years in Serie A and become the team to have played Serie A football for the most consecutive years.

Juventus are not the only long-standing bastion in Europe to fall. In Hungary, the once-great Ferencvaros have been relegated to the second division because of the sad state of their accounts. Their record stands at 105 years in the Hungarian first division. Vasas Budapest will probably return to the first division in their place.

Significantly both teams still hold the record of not having been relegated on the pitch - something like when hell freezes over.

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