mercredi, juillet 26, 2006

Read and be read

The Killing Joke - Anthony Horowitz
L'enfant Noe' - Eric Emmanuel Schmitt
Generation X - Douglas Coupland
Une terrible vengeance - Nicolas Gogol
Ce que disent les morts - Philip K. Dick
La Vampa d' agosto - Andrea Camilleri

That should do it. In Malta between the 28th of this month and the 14th of the next. A little sabbatical from j'accuse will probably be in order - though, knowing me, having blogged in Cuba I will probably add a post or two in Malta. I am amazed at how the supposed summer lull in readership has never really occurred. Some people must still be stuck in their offices... so I will try not to disappoint you guys.

So here's to RK in Luxembourg... good trip home, the Roberts' in Lux too, CB in Malta (don't get too cocky and still waiting for the first guest post) and all the usual suspects. I just hope Twanny is wrong about the jellyfish.

Contact number while in Malta: 7975 1111 - feel free to call - this wankellectual has no inhibitions!

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