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Vote George, Get Palazzi

or why George Pullicino is a bit like il Procuratore Palazzi

"The land that has been selected to conform to Cabinet criteria and which will eventually be included in the new development zones is just 1.3 per cent of the total area earmarked for building, Environment and Rural Affairs Minister George Pullicino said yesterday."
- The Malta Independent (06.07.06)

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Procuratore Stefano Palazzi

Procuratore Palazzi is the man who loves to dress in eighties style clothing and is reportedly a very thorough, just and impartial lawyer. He is doing a good job in the prosecution case against the scum of Italy that have brought football to shame. The only fault I find with the process does not fall on this man's lap but on the selective scapegoating that seems to have chosen a few clubs to pay for the ills of all. In his introduction to the case, Palazzi made an extraordinary move - rather than wait for the rounding up in order to declare what penalties should be inflicted to the persons and clubs that have been indicted he chose the opening speech to shoot out the proposed penalties. They took everyone by surprise. Juve in C, Milan, Fiorentina and Lazio in B.

I was not surprised. I will not be bragging if I say that I predicted just that request from the guy who looks like he could be a third member of Starsky and Hutch. Palazzi knows how Italian justice works. More specifically how Italian Justice related to Sports works. I must say that the Juve lawyer fell for this ploy hook, line and sinker - almost spoiling Palazzi's scenario before it even got moving. For Palazzi was hoping for a condemnation at this level with an Appeal next week (and an extra appeal) which by the end of July would mean that the original sentence would be revised by Appellate courts in order that it would be more digestible.

Palazzi knows that the sentence he requested is harsh. He knows that it would be going too far. But he also knows that if he does not start from harsh - especially since he is the chief prosecutor (one man against all) - then nobody will in a country where Gattopardian endings are favoured.
Zaccone, Juve's excuse for a lawyer, declared that having seen this request, a punishment of Serie B and minus points would be more adequate. No victim has approached the net more willingly and enthusiastically. The legal team of the man known in some circles as "il nano mafioso" are more used to dealing with la Giustizia. They declared that they want absolute absolution. Nothing less. We'll see.

But what about George? Well George is now juggling with minute percentages. His talk is all about 1% and 2% - trifling percentages. Nothings. Almost non-existent. The new areas marked for development are JUST 1.3% of the total earmarked for development. You see? George too knows that when you shoot high you end up appeasing everyone later on when you accept a much less option. It's a nationalist ploy. We've seen it before.

The Nationalist party is the party that can come up with a not so environment friendly scheme, join the protests against the scheme, bully NGO's into what to have in the protest (against itself) and what not to have, cause a ruckus by feeling offended at being compared to ghosts from the past, and then try to come out as an absolute saviour of the people by minimising the damage the PN itself was threatening to unleash on the Maltese countriside. Chapeau!

I agree with Harry when he says that Claire Bonello's poster was unfair. George is no Lorry. Of course not. George will not bulldozer the countryside without so much as a "by your leave"... George knows that Ministerial power is not a divine right. No Claire. We vote George we get George and the nationalist style of politics.

I say it once I say it again. Just because Labour is not an option does not mean that PN have adivine right to go on treating people like they were all handkerchief waving fanatics with the IQ level of a Micallef Leyson gone wrong. We are not stupid. We are an angry bunch of frustrated voters. Next time round we will not be carrying any Vote George Get Whoever posters. No. Because at this point voting stops being an option. We will let the freaks that they have nurtured so well with their pointless demagogies and tricksy governmenting (as Gollum would say) to determine the fate.

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George Pullicino ... definitely not Lorry

And bollocks to bipartisanism.

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