jeudi, juillet 27, 2006

Condolcezza's Sustainablility*

And now Lebanon.

The rest of the world (that is the rest of the world less the US of Duh!) called for an IMMEDIATE ceasefire in the hostilities . That's where both sides stop shooting and the international community steps in to see if there is a solution that doesn't involve killing lots of civilians. If either side violates the ceasefire then the moral weight of the international community goes to the other side.

Condolcezza Rice has suggested a different ceasefire - a SUSTAINABLE ceasefire. To get a sustainable ceasefire you go on shooting until one side cannot shoot anymore. Although civilians probably get killed in this scenario the idea is that once the ceasefire starts they probably won't get killed any more. The next step after the sustainable ceasefire is for an international force to take over southern Lebanon. Condolcezza has not yet explained which countries are still prepared to follow the US of Duh! in their madcap solutions to international problems.

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3 commentaires:

Andre a dit…

Condolcezza Rice is a nasty piece of work.

However, Margaret Beckett too is not supporting the immediate ceasefire.

Andre a dit…

*Condolezza Rice (I do tend to copy/paste names just in case I get the spelling wrong)

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

It's actually meant to be Condoleezza. The story goes that her mum loved music and she named her after the piano instruction "Con Dolcezza" - obviously the second C got too rounded at the registration.

I still love to call her by the piano instruction... I find it very ironic when you see her ugly mug.