mercredi, janvier 04, 2006

20,000 (again)

A trivial point about j'accuse that escaped my attention - sometime on the 28th December 2005, the Statcounter that counts visits to J'Accuse and has been doing so since around a month after its setup (i.e. since 4th April 2005) registered the twenty thousandth Unique Visitor. It is admittedly not half as much as Mona's Website but as I lamented from the beginning all the blog needs is more exposure....

And then there are those who lament the death of the blog. bah! humbug!

Milestones. Milestones.

2 commentaires:

vlad a dit…

I suppose it hasn't struck you that your consistent hit success has something to do with the fact that you are a rare case of a regular blogger. The Maltese contingent in this sphere of the blogging world is coming dangerously close to withering away. Anyhow, well done on the 20,000 benchmark, but aren't you worried about becoming lonely?

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

of course it "struck me".

i blog daily because i like it and i blog daily because i am read. chicken and egg.

no i do not worry about loneliness. being a misanthropist helps.