mardi, janvier 17, 2006

Duh! New International Law

Image: The (Not So Dead) Bin Hidin' (TAFKA BIN LADEN)

A few days after killing 18 civilians on the Pakistan-Afghani border (and incurring the wrath of Pakistanis in the process), Duh!merican counter-terrorism leader Henry Crumpton stated that he believed that Osama Bin Laden and his number two Al Zawahiri were living in that region. But of course.

The attack on the Pakistani village was confirmed by Duh!Media and attributed to the CIA. No official confirmation has been forthcoming. But the 18 people are still dead.

In the meantime I assume that top lawyers close to Bush House (not the Beeb's but the White Bush House) are formulating a new Theory of International Law. This is outlined hereunder:

The Moving Target
The new theory is based on the "Postulate of the Moving Target" wherein a sovereign nation /organisation ruled by a renegade government can unilaterally identify an Axis of Evil and a list of personalities therein who are thereafter nominated as Targets.

The Liberty to Pursue
The second axiom is that of "Liberty to Pursue" which is based on any assumption of the whereabouts of the aforementioned target and does not in any way equate with "reasonable suspicion" found in most criminal jurisdictions. The lawyers (or should I say attorneys?) have found a bit of a legal knot as they try to adapt the international "right of hot pursuit into high seas" into a similar right of "random pursuit upon legal whim into foreign jurisdiction".

The Divine Right to Bomb
Finally the third corollary of the new theory is the right to disperse bombs (and chemical weapons) upon civilians and suspects alike once a mere suspicion of the presence of moving target has been confirmed and the liberty to pursue has been activated.

Such a theory will allow states/organisations to violate other jurisdiction's territory, commit acts of violence within such territory, ignore any problems of so called "collateral damage" and ignore all other duties and obligations under international law.

There is one glitch though. This new theory of Target-Pursue-Bomb sounds a bit like someone who wakes up one morning and decides that the best way to hit his enemy is to get on a plane, hijack it and drive it into a high rise building... a nasty thought indeed!

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vlad a dit…

Since you use the word Duh a couple of times in the post, it has reminded me to bring up something that has been bothering me for a while. Among your links, you have a heading that reads Duh States, which I take it means American. Unfortunately, the joke falls rather flat as two of the publications listed underneath are in fact, British, and should properly be listed under the Perfida Albione rubric. They are, of course, The Economist and The Financial Times.