vendredi, janvier 20, 2006

J'Ose! [#1]

J'ose! (I dare) is the new J'accuse section where we dare to imagine what would happen in an impossible alternative world in another leg of the trousers of time. Here goes the first one...

TV Ratings to be introduced in Malta

What if instead of the ratings being suggested by the Broadcasting Authority in its Family Viewing and Listening Policy of the we had these categories ?

B&B - Biased and boring - for those political programmes on the political channels

AOI - Abuse of Ignorance - for those programmes that treat you like the dickhead that you are

DS - downright stupid - for those programmes where the taxpayers' money is going to waste

AO - adverts only - for those programmes where adverts feature more than content

X - xarabank - for those programmes that are past their sell by date

PC - populist crap - for programmes which ride the horse of general ignorance instead of challenge it

TFH - trendy funny hamalli - for those programmes of the "hamallu u kburi" category with a bit of "jaqq jitkellmu l-ingliz bhal Defni" thrown in

OA - Opinionist asshole - for those Clyde Puli style programmes where they let a wannabe intellectual loose on the radio with abgry listeners phoning in

W- wankellectual - for those programmes

TGFP - too good for peasants - for the pay per view channels and the World Cup

Any suggestions?

1 commentaire:

Arcibald a dit…

May I suggest that each programme have more than one rating... for example Bondi Plus would qualify for:
- B&B
- DS
- PC
- and obviously X.