mercredi, janvier 25, 2006

Ownership (and the media)

This week's Maltatoday editorial spreads its peacock's tail with the poppycock about the free and independent media. The media with no strings attached. The editor tells us that the motivation to print certain stories lies in his newspaper's belief that it ought to be in the public domain. Good good. Vague but good. It is also good that the "independent media" now has its own custodians... a role that bloggers like myself and Vlad have taken on eagerly. Cuis custodiet ipsos custodies? The bloggers will. At least for now. And we will also bear the brunt of personal attacks when they come because some of us choose to blog without a pseudonym (and this is not a criticism though I prefer those who do not).

Back at the newspaper that defends all free comment and independent ideas we find another wonderful and encouraging paragraph in the editorial...

"This is the age of the independent media. A fair and incisive media can set the political agenda. Our country is crying out for a media which fairly, accurately, and firmly, probes political parties, politicians, the judiciary and persons appointed to political posts. Accountability and transparency are the hallmarks of a modern democracy. In probing, the media is fulfilling its duty to inform. During last week’s Int x’Tahseb interview the Prime Minister suggested that journalists too should declare their interests so as to assure readers listeners and audiences that there are no hidden agendas or conflicts of interest accusations surrounding the publishing of stories. This newspaper concurs with the prime minister’s suggestion and has no difficulty in extending such transparency to include media owners too."

There's hope yet. We'll wait then... and oh... if you wonder why John Dalli's pic sits on top of this article - I just thought the guy has been absent from the media for too long and that a bit of exposure would not hurt. Int x'tahseb?

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david a dit…

When I read that article yesterday I had visions of Malta being swamped by more and more "independent media". Then I asked myself whether Malta Today would honestly be thrilled with that scenario. I mean how many 'hot' stories can one possibly unearth? It could easily turn into a bit of a catfight.

And yet again blogs didn't even get a minute mention. I wonder why.

Erezija a dit…

naughty naughty, inisinuating john dalli's name

Dr Patrick Spiteri a dit…

Hi Jacques, how are you? Wow... what a blog - we just got the internet down at Block C and I typed your name in the search engine.

Well, you've come a long way I see.
Listen mate... I was wondering if you could set me up with some cash, Lm1,000 would be good. I'm due for release from jail next week... I was hoping that having given you that crucial first job, maybe you could help an old mate, eh?


Jacques René Zammit a dit…

Well David... I agree with you. We did hit on a raw nerve. Some "independent" media people just cannot stand being scrutinised in their turn! Anyways I guess that the person who took the trouble to create the sign on nick of Patrick is not sufficiently "investigative" to know that Patrick has been debarred and would not risk signing on as Dr.

So what do you think david? Do we bother comparing ISPs signing on at the time of the comment to those of previous comments made on this site... or would that be a tad bit too big brother style? Which after all we are not...


i'm loving it... u 'patrick'... ara li ssellili ghal Johnny D ta!

david a dit…

Patrick Spiteri disguised as a sheikh! Now that would be cool!

cyberdigger a dit…

John Dalli was on my plane coming out to Tripoli on January 1st. I think he is pretty safely out of the harsh glare of the Maltese media spotlight down here.