mercredi, janvier 11, 2006

Olympus E-500

There you have it. I forgot to mention that I have finally purchased my camera. It is a digital SLR that goes by the brand of Olympus E-500. Thank you to all those who sent in suggestions. I am very pleased with the camera and early experiments show that the right choice was definitely made.

Not much to blog about today but I did think of putting up a list of websites that are either useful or interesting. I like the idea and so here it is. Meanwhile remember... Bollettino is back up and running so scoot along to the site if you can understand Maltese...

The Useful

Google : just because
Blogger : we wouldn't be here without it
Flickr : for the photo enthusiast : more than just words
Gmail : because these days we do not send files but filing cabinets
Yahoo :especially sport section
Bloglines : follow the latest blog and news updates (not so efficient but still looking for something better)

The Interesting

Cafebabel : an interesting experiment that seems to be working
Opendemocracy : a reference point
Boing! Boing! : cool if you are into gadgets
Wired Magazine : gadgety too
Wallpaper* : design thingy
The Yahoo Office : when you are bored
Ebaumsworld : more of the bored pages
Il Bollettino della Sfiga : the gold standard of Maltese blogging - spoofing Vassalli since 1999

And finally a big shout goes to A.D. who reads this blog sometimes and disapproved of the absence of an updated FHM calendar in my bathroom at home.... cool chicks rock!

2 commentaires:

wwwitchie a dit…

I shall dream about a digital SLR tonight... thanks very much eh... ara x'jaghmlulek il-hbieb :)

Athena a dit…

WOW that's one hell of a camera. *jealous*

Ssssooooo, if I'm nice to you for a week would you swap your SLR with my Canon? :-)l