mercredi, janvier 18, 2006

We Do Not Exist

Surfing through Boing Boing! I came across an interesting link to an article in - an online/offline magazine dedicated to the general world of advertising. The author, a certain Simon Dumenco, treats a very interesting question that has been consciously or subconsciously discussed in this corner of the blogosphere - namely the nature of a Blogger.

We blog, therefore we are... not. Dumenco's line is that a blogger is simply a writer who has been placed in a false category for the convenience of current times. He argues that there is nothing to differentiate the blogger from any other writer except the fact that bloggers are a bunch of ego-centred brats who like the idea of being "different" and "the alternative". I would love someone to take on this argument, and in turn argue that the awareness of a "self" can be a defining moment in the construction of an "other". In other words the fact that bloggers recognise themselves as a category can be sufficient to create an autochthonous being in the world of media and communication.

In any case... do read the article, as a blogger it is a duty you have to question your existence. No... not to question MY existence.... that is another kettle of fish.

PS. A former post about Blogging and this one and anger provoked by blogs and what happens when you are mentioned in the MSM and on blog fatigue and early meanderings about being a blogger.

Vlad was right. The Economist and The Financial Times were wrongly classified as duh!merican. Which leaves the IHT as the only readable paper from duh!states.

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the jacobin a dit…

It's not that I wish to inititiate another contretemps between us, but are you aware of either the Washington Post or the New York Times? Both can be accessed from the web (,

Happy reading...or not.

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

I am (aware) and I don't (fijnd them interesting).

gybexi a dit…

hsibt li jien biss "naqrah" boing boing...

MaltaGirl a dit…

Gybexi, I added Boing Boing to my aggregator a while ago after seeing it on Sharon's blogroll... you are not alone...

Kenneth a dit…

Boing Boing, and perhaps the biggest three blackholes on the net.