mercredi, janvier 04, 2006

Most Mosted

Like my friend in Brussels, I am not one to place extraordinary importance on the passing away of a year and come up with lists of Mosts and Favourites. I did consider going with the flow for an instant (and summarise the highlights of nine months of J'Accuse) but then I realised that it is against my nature. Call me an idiot, a wankellectual or a libertarian but when it comes to taste I really believe that it is a case of to everyone his own. Popularity (which could be due to notoriety), on the other hand, is another matter and could - technically - be measured scientifically and accurately given the means and the budget.

And it is on this theme of mosts and of general roundings-up of the calendar year that just slipped away that I came across one particular Most that I found interesting. Apparently this video is the most forwarded email in 2005. And I love it. I love its humour because it is irreverent, to the point, and deals with current issues - from security, to suicide bombing to choosing cars.

Obviously many people will find it distasteful and politically incorrect. Which is one of the reasons why it did not make it into the mainstream media. Which is why the mainstream media sucks. And which is why I like it (the video, not mainstream media) even more.

Once again.... Ludendo Castigat Mores.

PS. the search for the camera continues.... the original choice (Fuji Finepix S9500) has been ruled out since it does not have an inbuilt stabiliser (anti-shake)... and you never know when Parkinson's will hit you! (ah tasteless!) Any Ideas?

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keBo a dit…

Try the Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z series... they all seem to have the latest anti-shake technology.

By the way, I think you used to teach me EU law.