mardi, janvier 31, 2006

J'ose [#3]

A Good Job (Vexatious Vexillology IV)

In these troubled times where every occupation is precarious and earning the quick euro or two is getting more and more difficult we dare to suggest a job with a steady income, constant clientele and possible lucrative spin-offs. The above photo and this news item were our inspiration.

The Job: Flag Vendor
Location: Gaza Strip
Start-up resources: Good stock of Flags, Internet Connection
Spin-offs: Petrol Jerry Cans, Burn-the-Infidel-Flag (c) lighters, Disposable Cameras for that Hot snapshot.

All you would have to do is sit and wait while monitoring the news for the latest act to which the arab world takes offence. Whether it's French banning veils, Americans breathing, Christians being Christian in their own country, or Danes deciding they can do something more than drink beer. Then bob's your uncle. Out with the flags, the jerry cans and the lighters and sell sell sell.

Of course the past is not a guarantee of the future and maybe one day the Muslim extremists might learn to react normally like the rest of the world by requesting a formal apology and rectification on the offending journal.

In which case you can always start a Vexillology Association.

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