vendredi, janvier 13, 2006

Happy but Slow

"A report" (I apologise for the vagueness but that's the Times of Malta for you) issued yesterday by the European Commission shows that Malta is, how shall I put it, lagging behind in matters of innovation.

"The analysis compares member states on the transformation of innovation assets such as education and investment in innovation, into innovation return, such as firm turnover coming from new products, employment in high tech sectors, patents and other innovation measures."

In fact Malta ended up last (that is 25th) in the league table of innovative countries and - hear this - it is calculated that it will take Malta 50 years to catch up. From top of the world (happiness) to last in Europe (innovation) in 48 hours. Somehow I can already sense the response that we are all happy as it is.

Thank God carnival is round the corner.

PS. For the curious among you the Scoreboard can be found here.

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