mardi, décembre 20, 2005

The Alternative Christmas Campaign

Attentive purveyors of this blog will have noticed the addition of another button in the Campaign area of the right column. The child's drawing of a Christmas tree is a pic that I have selected to represent this mini-campaign that I would like to share with fellow bloggers. Some time back in November I received an email from a friend inviting me to visit World Vision's Alternative Gift catalogue (thanks Lexi).

The catalogue is a list of really useful gifts for which people in need in different parts of the world would be very thankful. Costs of the gifts are quoted in sterling and vary from 5 to 2000. My personal favourites - the flock of sheep and herd of goats -hover between 80 and 90 sterling.

Now the idea is to urge families to make a little collection during their Christmas and New Years enormous lunches/suppers/ all day orgies of food and use the collected sum to buy a gift for someone who would also appreciate it. In other words extend your feast. I will not be the boring humbug and say that these are the real gifts. That is rubbish. All gifts can be appreciated but there are definitely people in this world for whom Christmas should come every day of the year.

It is simple. Follow these steps:

1. Collect money from mum, dad, bro, uncle, aunt, cousins, priest and the guest nobody knows but who took second helpings of everything.

2. Pocket the cash. (Relax... you are about to convert it to plastic)

3. Go to XE Converter and convert whatever currency you collected into the equivalent in sterling.

4. Log onto World Vision's Alternative Gift Catalogue and see what you can afford to buy using your plastic money (VISA etc).

5. NOW sing Merry Christmas Everyone.

Links for Bloggers Wishing to Participate in Campaign Promotion

Fellow bloggers. If you wish to promote this campaign here are all the appropriate links.

World Vision Site (and do your own logo)

Logo Links:

Feel free to link to this post as a guide.

Remember... it does not HAVE to be Christmas to make these donations... but it helps give you that warm feeling!

Egg Nog anyone?
Ho! Ho! Ho!

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MaltaGirl a dit…

This is a great idea, thanks for the links! At church we participated in a similar programme a couple of years ago - the kiddies gave their own gift, paid for with their pocket money collected over several weeks. They STILL love the idea that they gave a family a goat :-)