mardi, décembre 13, 2005


Around this time on the greatest democracy on earth, a man universally known as Tookie, a criminal paying for his crimes, a human being paying for his earthly sins is breathing his final breath. Governor Schwarzenegger failed to provide the necessary clemency. Tookie will die a compassionate death by lethal injection followed by 15 minutes of suffering. Requiescat in pacem. The fight to abolish the death penalty continues.

E pluribus unum.

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the jacobin a dit…

I'm not overly enthusiastic about the death penalty by any means, but one sentence that was noticeably absent from your proclamation was any sense of solidarity with, or sympathy for, this man's victims and their families. I find that a bit curious.

I'd also encourage you to read this:

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

If it has Stars and Stripes it's the Jacobin's gripes....

Mate. This post was against the death penalty. Twisting the whole issue on the victim's families is deprived of all logic. We agree that this person has to be punished. We are not discussing WHY PUNISH? any more but HOW TO PUNISH!

At no point was there any lack of solidarity with his victims. It is just that they are NOT within the equation when it comes to punishment. Justice is there for justice itself and not revenge. Punishment is for expiation and not retribution.

E pluribus unum.