jeudi, décembre 08, 2005

Coming Soon... Lornomics

"The next step has repeatedly been for the monies to be pompously put back into the economy by way of philantropy". - Lorna Vassallo

She has redefined the term grammar. She has set new standards for narcissism. She has given meaning to the Thursday Newspaper.

It's now time for her to try her hand at the Political Economics of Christmas. In this early new version of a Christmas Carol the Dame of the Grammatically Incorrect continues the Dickensian tale of economic woes of a people suppressed under the Nationalist hammer.

Read how you could potentially find money all over the place as it slips out of pockets. Read about sugar politicians that rival the Oompa Loompas. Read the word pompously at least twice in the same text. Find out about the government and its flagellated workers.

It's a reading for the "simplest of minds or the most brainwashed" alike.

It's out now... Christmas Politics by Lorna Vassallo.

Nota Bene: The usual crit service will be posted later on today.

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