mercredi, décembre 14, 2005

Encore Plus Democracy in America

The Stage: the Council of Europe
The Theme: Report on Allegations regarding secret detention centres in Europe
The Rapporteur: Dick Marty, Swiss Senator

From the Council of Europe page:

"Information gathered to date has “reinforced the credibility of allegations concerning the transfer and temporary detention of individuals, without any judicial involvement, in European countries”, according to Dick Marty, the Swiss parliamentarian looking into allegations of secret detention centres. In a statement today to PACE’s Legal Affairs Committee, Mr Marty said legal proceedings in certain countries “seemed to indicate that individuals had been abducted and transferred to other countries without respect for legal standards”, although he said it was too early to assert there had been complicity of member states in illegal actions. He noted that the allegations had never formally been denied by the US."

From the BBC:

"In his statement, Mr Marty said it was "still too early to assert that there had been any involvement or complicity of member states in illegal actions." But, he warned, if the allegations proved correct any European states involved "would stand accused of having seriously breached their human rights obligations to the Council of Europe"."


The EU has not initiated any investigation of its own though it has warned that any of its states found with secret detention centres on its territory will have its voting rights suspended. Funny isn't it. The main instigator of all this damage is that great democracy across the ocean. It seems that the only one whose hands will not be slapped will remain the great law abiding US of Duh.

Remember the playground chaos as a child? Remember all the mothers rushing to the action and your mum getting "medieval on your ass" for having joined the general fun in torturing Johnny? Remember your anger when you noticed that Alex got away with it because his mum was "too relaxed" to do anything about it. And remember how your anger doubled when you pointed out this failure to punish to your mum and she answered "Yes, but Alex is not my son."

Seems like US of Duh will be getting away with this too.

Whose sons are they?

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the jacobin a dit…

The day that you devote one, but one, blog post to the manifest human rights abuses that take place - daily - in China, is the day that I gain some measure of respect for your intellectual honesty. Or is it that only the United States of duh is worthy of your contempt?

Fausto Majistral a dit…

"reinforced the credibility" - I suppose that means it has not been confirmed, no?

Fausto Majistral a dit…

Again: China but in relation to the US. Nothing to say about the insistence of certain European leaders to lift arms technology sanctions targetting China which the US is insisting on keeping in place?