lundi, décembre 19, 2005

Forward Planning (and white flies)

The clock ticks and even the worst of Ebenezer's among us is drawn into the Christmas vortex. I drew the shortest straw this Christmas so I will be hosting my parents, my uncle and aunt and my bro over the holiday season. Mel's family will be coming over for the reveillon de noel which means that we will be cooking for 12 persons. No big deal really.

Only that the turkeys I have seen here are rather teeny and it is no use that Miracle Foods send me their Christmas advertising with recipe because I have no access to their King sized Dundjan here in Luxembourg. So I will have to venture into the unknown world of Gigot or even (God forbid) biche. Meanwhile I have to finish the Christmas shopping and the gifts. Well, it's quite an adventure. Besides I have to book a minibus for a drive to Paris over New Year's eve...

One thing for sure... it's looking different and it's looking like fun...

And now here's a little poem/non-haiku I wrote...

The White Fly
Like the Pie
in the Sky

Red Herring
White Elephant
Blue Whale
Yellow Submarine
Green Peas

Why the White?
like the Pie
in the Sky

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