jeudi, décembre 01, 2005

Laurel & Bush

“Unlike past wars, victory in Iraq will not come in the form of an enemy’s surrender. There will not be a signing ceremony on the deck of a battleship.”

Of course not. Mr Bush has once again reiterated his Iraq strategy... he will not settle for anything less than victory. The same victory he declared over a year ago? The US opposition is now disgusted at Bush's entrenchment in this ridiculous policy. His attempts at proving that Iraq is not a new Vietnam have become more and more ridiculous. Now we have him rewriting the rules of the game. In practice he is saying "I will come back when I have won... and that is when I say that I have won!". He will decide what is a victory.

Bush is the kind of person who believes that if he repeats it long enough he will convince people that he is responsible for the sun rising in the morning. Better not give him too many ideas otherwise he might be invading Malta after the next solar eclipse...

Read about Bush today:

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Andre a dit…

Who is the enemy in Iraq? His speeches are always repetitive and monotonous - there's one recurring theme and i'm sure people get bored of it and don't believe there will be victory in Iraq (whatever "victory" may be). In a way he reminds me of Pope Benedict's obsession with "saving the family".

BTW - I haven't checked whether Lorna is in todays Times, but if she is, I'll be looking forward to your review!

Hsejjes a dit…

Imma hasn't Bush got better pass times to while away his time at the White House without giving us all this drivel? And you should get to check out Daphne sometime. She is turning herself into a social worker.

Sean M. Madden a dit…

"The US opposition is now disgusted at Bush's entrenchment in this ridiculous policy."

What US opposition are you referring to Jacques?

The real opposition which has always been disgusted with Bush, the neocons, their Democratic partners-in-crime, and the complicit corporate media? Or, the pseudo "liberal" opposition which compose the groups just listed?

Sean (