mercredi, décembre 28, 2005

Mamma Mia!

Snow has fallen. Heavily. And my family and I are stuck in Metz while the French authorities conduct a massive search operation in order to find out where the hell they put the autoroutes. So our stay Chez les Blaises has been extended. No problem.... snowfights are a wonderful way to pass the time. And believe you me there is enough snow for an armageddon style warfare. Whatsmore we get to savour even more Lorraine delicacies... talk about look on the bright side.

Meanwhile it would seem that most of the Maltese blogosphere is now in Malta and enjoying a less white Christmas. The main hobby of bloggers visiting the isle seems to be the game of "Spot the Illiterate Colunist". TGIL was first sighted at some Chinese outlet and is reported to have delivered a passionate speech about the existence of UFO's and their influence on humanity. (I am Thank-God-Its-Lorna... take me to your leader). The climax of TGIL sightings occured in a karaoke bar last night - I received a long distance call from a fellow parkaed blogger who (via phone) granted me the pleasure of listening to TGIL screeching the finer notes of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. The Queen of Socialist Workers could not be heard clearly on our modest communication set-up... but I am sure that the spectacle must have been a great one to behold. Mamma Mia! ... really.

I am off to do some bobsleighing down the road... see you later...

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