dimanche, décembre 11, 2005

Selling Gozo

Between a visit to Lille's Wazeem market (or should I say Suq?) and another to one of the largest bookshops in Europe I shoot a quick glance over the Times articles. I loved Lino Spiteri's intervention in Wide Angle today. Sad to hear that the Imgarr Hotel has to go... looking forward to some politician taking on Lino's tips about the future sustainability of tourism in Gozo:

Here is the extract that I liked from his article:

Nor, one should think, is it essential to enable much-needed promotion of direct holidays in Gozo.

Having landed in Malta and cleared immigration, preferably through a dedicated Gozo channel, one can get to Marfa comfortably in a taxi at the very reasonable official tariff rate in under an hour and make an easy trip across the Channel to Gozo. Decent assistance with double baggage handling can and should be rovided.

Funds should not go into costly subsidies for the few when the money can be used more imaginatively to better general effect.

It is not a helicopter or fixed-wing service, or a golf course, that will make or break tourism in Gozo. It is the ability to preserve the natural beauty of the island, to upgrade its deteriorating road network, to review the surrounding ghastliness, including the hideous enclosing wall that insults the historic majesty of the Ggantija Temples.

Other necessary conditions include a commitment to keep prices serious and give value for money, to make focused promotion, highlighting the uniqueness of the island's attractions, including a strong cultural calendar.

Gozo is a story which can be told over and over again without ever becoming boring. Provided all the original pages are in it, and that whatever is added to them compliments the running theme, rather than interrupting or distorting it.

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