mardi, décembre 13, 2005

Inika Tnejn?

It is not often that I blog about work related matters. I keep my job as far away from the blogging world as possible. This time I could not resist a little tweak to the rule particularly since no ethical obligations will be broken. A week ago I blogged about the funny names that appeared in the UOM graduation lists. The name that seemed to tickle most people's funny bone most was "Inika", especially since it sounds like a conjugated rude verb in Maltese that would mean "he screws her".

Which brings me back to the ECJ. Running through the list of cases waiting for an audience I came across a name that I had already seen before. A Finnish case that now takes on a new perspective. Ladies and Gentlemens I present you case number 50 of 2005 (still not published, so its no use looking for it now you geeks!):

C-50/05 NIKULA

Imperatively yours.

NB: The above photo is in no way related to the case before the court. It pictures Finnish pole vaulter... hold it... "Pentti Nikula" who held the world pole vaulting record for 10 months between '62 and '63 at 4.94m only to be broken by Brian Sternberg of the US. Obviously the current record is held by the pole vaulting God Sergey Bubka at 6.14m.

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Antoine Cassar a dit…

Il-veru tan-nejk! hehe :-)

nigredo a dit…

atleta famuz hafna dak... naf kuginuh malti... G Casha-Mula...