vendredi, décembre 23, 2005


Daily Log. 0900hrs. 22, Rue de Bragance. 23.12.05. Morning broke quietly and coldly. Cat still in heat. Repetitive miaowing now entering the depths of the brain. Living on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Family contingent arriving at 1700 hrs.

The Italians have a word - "estro". It could mean a stroke of genius. Flavio tells me that it finds its roots in madness. As for Maltese, "l-estru" describes a fit or attack of passing madness. I have recently discovered the radix malorum. Estrus is the latin and scientific term for a mammalian cycle. All mammals barring humans and apes (who have a menstrual cycle instead) go through these cycles.

Cats too.

That means also Xitan. Yes, my dearest is suddenly a big girl. And believe you me... it is no cause for celebration. For two days I have withstood the symphony of noises alternating subtle demi-purrs with blood curling howls worthy of the mythical banshees. The meaning of the term "instinctive" has hit home like a hammer. It is instinctive for cats to miaow and howl. It is instinctive and therefore no amount of threats with rolled up newspapers will do. She just has to miaow.

Often. Regularly, and with a passion that only nature can grant.

Xitan visited the vet yesterday. She has now got all official injections and a Belgian passport (don't ask). This estrus thing is madness itself. I wonder if any of you knows the feeling of running up to a cat with a rolled up newspaper in hand and instead of finding a submissive cat fearing discipline one finds a sexually obsessed pussy squirming on the floor in a manner known only to the geishas of the Far East and the women from the Suleyman's Inner Harem.

If anyone knows of any solution that does not involve cats in sacks, large doses of rat poison or simulating sex in order to satisfy the feline's intimate instinctive desires, please, please do tell this poor man living on the verge of a nervous oestral attack.

Otherwise enjoy your Christmas preparations.

Picture above: Estrus : A giant fingerpainting by Max Singer

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Roderick Mallia a dit…

Hehe good thing I both my cats neutered. I'm not sure you can get her neutered at this stage (you should check with the vet about that) but that would certainly solve the problmen. Unfortunately, I don't think there are any short-term remedies for her condition unfortunately.

gybexi a dit…

ask i will!

how does your pussy get a Belgian passport and yours truly, monsieur/meneer belgophile extraordinaire (lest you forget), doesn't get his before 2009? eh? eh?!

there's something rather fishy going on and I'm not just referring to the (alleged) contents of Xitan's Brekkies either...

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

Ok. The vet had run out of Luxembourg "passports" (a booklet with all info about the cat and all vaccinations she got) and gave me one that said "Belgique/Belgie" instead.

Xitan Update: She does not squeal if held in hand (baby style) and rocked. I am buggered if I will do this more than is necessary. Meanwhile news on the pharmacy front... an anti-estrus pill does exist. Now just need to find the time to pop out.

gybexi... stop whingeing and don't be a pussy :p

Xitan feeds on dry food and its whiskas not brekkies puhlease!

Hsejjes a dit…

Istja you spoil that bloody cat of yours!!! If you want I can lend you one of my mother's 15 felines and that will sort her out...tee hee...Whiskas...bah!humbug!

Athena a dit…

Neuter the cat hux:P This is the only way to deal with over-sexed beings. Works esp well with men, or so I´m told :P

david a dit…

Or just find Xitan a God(e). That should do it.

(You must admit that's not a bad MT-FR-EN pun, Zammit!)

Il-Milied it-Tajjeb Jacques. Hope to catch up for a game of bocci with the other wankellectuals in 2006.