dimanche, décembre 04, 2005

Mind the Gap

J'Accuse has not vanished from the blogosphere. Nor is it participating in the unplanned and uncontrolled lull in the blogosphere. The author has only just returned from a whirlwind consumerist visit to Central London. Normal blogging service will be resumed tomorrow.

- happy birthday to gybexi
- well graduated and thanks for the carnival to maltagirl
- well done to London Underground for the opening of DLR extension to London City Airport
- Luxembourg the most drab and cold city in Europe - it makes a visit to London feel like a summer holiday
- Pub lunches (at the Brewmaster) definitively prove that Brit food can kick bottom.
- Nothing beats English courtesy.

This is Luxembourg Station change here for the Freezing Line.

Mind the Gap.

2 commentaires:

Hsejjes a dit…

*hsejjes goes slowly green in the face as jealousy takes over* Why oh why, she wails, don't I have the money to go to my beautiful London!!! *bangs head against the wall for not becomming a translator in freezing Luxembourg*

MaltaGirl a dit…

Thank-you *grin*, glad you had a good trip.