jeudi, décembre 22, 2005

The World On December 21st

Gay Knots and Manly Bells
Yesterday was a cool day for cool news. All over the UK people had warm feelings for all the gay couples who could finally tie the knot. From poofter to Mr. & Mr. in two decades, my oh my how far Brittania has come. Meanwhile the government of one of the Baltic States (I believe it is Latvia but I may be wrong) is preparing to constitutionally prevent the possibility of ever having gay marriages in that country. Poland has already taken this hard line and no prizes for guessing which way the Catholic Republic of the Med will be going. Incidentally since we are on the theme of matrimonial regimes... Malta is one of the only two countries in the world in which you cannot get a divorce (unless you are a Union and you fake a divorce from a political party). The other one? The Philippines.

Liar! Liar!
In what is fast becoming The Battle of the Liars, Saddam Hussein accused his gaolers of torture. "I have been beaten on every place of my body, and the signs are oll over my body." - where the former dictator's words. They are also the words used in the Easter Liturgy to describe the flagellation of Christ. Meanwhile the US of Duh! dismissed the claims as preposterous. Cry Wolf? In an unrelated incident two French Human Rights groups have lodged a lawsuit over alleged CIA prisoner flights landing in France. The lawsuit is aimed at obtaining more information from the authorities. Preposterous.

Tony Boo!
Mr. Blair has landed in Iraq for a surprise visit to the troops today. Fresh from congratulating Sir Elton John for his marriage he is now expected to congratulate the troops for, umm, err, doing their thing in Iraq.

Seal the Deal
The EU budget deal was cut (not exactly yesterday but I am operating in Holiday mode in case you have not noticed). Tony B is being hammered all over the UK for obtaining a budget which in pounds, shillings and pence pays the UK more than ever since it has reduced its net contribution to the EU... but who is counting? France retains its agricultural subsidies for a little longer. "Oh! Won't you PAY.... just a little bit longer!" Angie Merkel, the Woman with the Iron thingy was credited with brokering the final deal.

To Holland with Relief
Around 36 immigrants were sent to the Netherlands from Malta under the new burden-sharing agreement. Dank Je Wel!

Strike Out
New York Transport workers went on strike (virtually unheard of action in US of Duh!) and caused unprecedented havoc to the Big Apple, to its commuters and to its Christmas Craze. A Court ruled later in the day that aforesaid workers on aforesaid strike (for better working conditions and pay) will be fined $1 million a day if they were to continue the strike. State laws prevent transport workers from striking. it's the Economy stupid!

A Question of Sport

Juventus closed the first part of the season eight points above their closest rivals Internazionale. Valletta are still above Floriana and Hamrun. Luxembourg weather has been clement and Christmas decorations are in full swing.

I Can't Believe it's Not Santa!
And now for something completely different. Pope Bendy Xwhatever has shown the world that he has a fetish for retro. Yesterday Bendy rode the popemobile while wearing a camauro (see picture). The hat had been part of the papal wardrobe since the 12th century but had not been worn in public since 1963. Apparently the pope is intent on reviving some old wardrobe traditions of the papacy. Good for him. A bit of colour never hurt. Especially in these gay times of merriment and enjoyment.

That's All For Now... still waiting for the Times to publish Lorna's Christmas Treat

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