jeudi, septembre 21, 2006

The Deafening Silence

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"When the time comes for us to ask for people's trust, the people will again entrust us with the government". - Lawrence Gonzi, PM (Leader of Nationalist Party)

The Granaries Circus is on again. It is the season for one of Malta's two behemoth parties to engage in its annual feast of revelry and mass propaganda. Independence Day Celebrations have changed during my lifetime. From the pre-87 years of desperation to the early-90s period of belief in a future of Solidarity (always and everywhere) to the Smart Malta of today we have seen the face of Malta change... not so much the face of the MLPN way of doing politics.

The early speeches of EFA in opposition were rousing and inspirational. You could feel the project and were proud to participate in the building of a new, democratic Malta. Some time in the mid-nineties something went horribly wrong. The power-game centered on playing the people once again. Personally, the final stroke came with the incredible address before the electorate about wasting vote on AD. I could not believe my ears when I heard such willingly mendacious propaganda.

Nowadays I am no longer surprised at the twisted programming, the patchwork politics and the headless justifications of a general programme that has long been compromised by incompetence. From transport policy to environment to adaptation to EU standards to weak competition law application the government is lagging behind. Like the Hungarian government over the past two years, they are still intent on making us ignore the elephant and imagine that all is good and under control.

Gonzi's statement yesterday says it all. The PN can once again be confident that come the elections they will be restored in government? Why? Because for the next two years we will be seeing the so called "redistribution of taxes" that includes the removal of taxes that should never have been there. The next two years will be built on a simulated feel good factor. Steroids will be injected in into an economy that is built on the wrong inspirations and values. The modern word for "cejca" (pre-electoral gifts) will be Smart Malta.

The Opposition? Pity them once again for continually shooting themselves in the foot. Pity Sant and his pie-in-the-sky pensions delay. Pity Jason Micallef and his perfect timing for an "eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth" speech. Pity us who are denied a proper choice. AD will be trying for its 4 places in Parliament. Barring Vassallo that will mean trying to elect three virtual nobodies to Valletta.

So forgive me if today I do not wave my PN flag with that is packed somewhere in my flag collection (probably between the old Constitutional Party Flag and the Greens flag - and yes, I do not have an MLP flag yet). Forgive me if I do not wave my 'kerchief in glee while envisaging a brighter and smarter future. Forgive me for all this cynicism.

Gonzi claims that we are going through a silent revolution... that explains why we have not heard much about it yet.

For those of you in Malta... enjoy the holiday!

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