lundi, septembre 11, 2006

Say What?

Good Monday Morning.

As the song goes, I don't like Mondays and they become particularly irritating when the morning news is confusingly unreadable. Obviously the guys at di-ve or as it is better known Gaffes Inc. do not help in this respect. Take this story:

Hit-and-run leaves man in danger of dying
A 53 year-old man from Sliema is in danger of dying after a Smart car driven by a 19 year-old from Gzira knocked him off his motorbike at the Strand, Sliema and simply drove away in a hit-and-run. Magistrate Dr. Apap Bologna has assigned several experts for an inquest.
Now just tell me one thing. If this was a hit-and-run then one consequence would be that they would have no idea of the aggressor/culprit. The nature of H&R is such that the guy disappears from the scene before any particulars are taken or noted. How then is the hit and run offender described as a 19 year-old from Gzira? Is it just me and my morning mood that is missing the point?

Thankfully there's always Luxembourgish news to alleviate the morning depression:

Second Meat Cargo Seized
Following last week's seizure of 720kg of suspicious chicken meat in Luxembourg, 3.6kg of frozen pork was held on Friday by the Luxembourg authorities. The Luxembourg authorities are understood to be exercising caution following receipt of information from Germany through a EU-wide information system, rather than acting on irregularities on the meat or its labelling itself. Like last week's seizure, this meat shipment also originates from a German meat producer which is at the centre of an investigation for falsification of labelling regarding the source of the meat as well as its sell-by-date. The Luxembourg authorities are carrying out tests to establish if the meat is, in fact, as it is labelled and is suitable for sale and consumption.
I wonder what "acting on irregularities on the meat or its labelling itself" really means. I also love the phrase "falsification of labelling". Are you as you are labelled? I'm just knackered.

Gems brought to you on a sunny Monday morning by (Malta) and (lux) .

The Times has just been updated. It sheds more light on the reason for the not so anonymous hit-and run:

A 53-year-old motorcyclist from Sliema was in danger of dying yesterday after his motorcycle was hit by a Smart car at The Strand. The accident happened at about 10.15 a.m. The driver of the car, a 19-year-old man from Gzira, drove on but was traced, from the car registration plate which was found on site, the police said. Magistrate Apap Bologna is heading an inquiry.

Mystery solved!

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