mercredi, septembre 27, 2006

Qui Gatta ci Cova

"Tra questi documenti, quelli appunto contrassegnati "dai progressivi 112 al 119 con tutte le telefonate della Juventus di Luciano Moggi, la Gea ma anche del guardalinee Enrico Ceniccola, finito nell'inchiesta di Napoli per la partita Lecce-Juve 0-1. "Chiesi a Adamo - dice la donna - dove finivano quest'ultimi elaborati, ottenendo come risposta che di questo non dovevo preoccuparmi".

Denigrators of the bianconeri have had a great time over the past summer. Reading the news items, following the cases and above all examining the punishments one would think that the only illegal operator in the realm of Italian football is Juve. The supposition was that everyone had been investigated and that the Juve officials were worse off at the end of it. Worse off - even though no proof was found of fixed matches or of actual influence on refereeing - they are playing a dignified season in Serie B and have turned over a new chapter.

The investigations into Telecom Italia's illegal tapping are now shedding more light on the suspicious "selective victimisation" and it would seem that there is a methodology behind the fact that the only accusations forthcoming were against La Vecchia Signora. It also transpires that the cleanest team in football (false passports aside) are now under investigation for the much feared slealtà sportiva. Apparently Inter were also involved in some illegal spying activity that might have been intended to procure unfair sporting advantage.

As we had said earlier in the year on J'Accuse... there is much that is rotten in the Kingdom of Calcio. The petty measures that were taken until now stank more of jealousy and antipathy than real justice. The current campionato is a sham and the winners will have nothing to be proud of. Just as much as the scudetto sewn onto the Inter shirts this season is the biggest lie in the history of football.

Wait for more. There is no doubt that there will be more.

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