jeudi, septembre 07, 2006

Zee Germans

Eureka! Things are moving - and soon most of the moving will be in the skies. With not even half the fanfare that surrounded the negotiations with Ryanair and Easyje, another cheap wing is entering the Maltese market. Malta International Airport has announced a deal with Germanwings to fly regularly from Cologne and Stuttgart. Flights should start in March 2007. The first available return trip I found was for April - and the costs are finally more in line with what we were thinking all along the campaign. A return trip (Saturday to Tuesday) costs 144 euros .... wait for it.... taxes included.

Turkish: Fuck me, hold tight. What's that?
Tommy: It's me belt, Turkish.
Turkish: No, Tommy. There's a gun in your trousers. What's a gun doing in your trousers?
Tommy: It's for protection.
Turkish: Protection from what? "Zee Germans"?

from Snatch (2000)

3 commentaires:

Antoine Cassar a dit…

This is great news. Köln is 3 hours away from Luxembourg by train... and Stuttgart?

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

No idea. Check on Koln is 2 hours away by car!

Antoine Cassar a dit…

Thanks for the link Jacques.

Using public transport, Stuttgart is almost 5 hours away from Lux by train. To get to the Köln airport the best bet seems to be taking a 3-hour direct train to Bonn, and from there a 1/2-hour shuttle bus. That's roughly the same time needed to get to Brussels for an Air Malta flight. Between €144 euros and (approx.) €400, it's an easy choice.

Fl-aħħar l-affarijiet qegħdin jiċċaqalqu! U wara ftit ġimgħat, żgur li n-nies ukoll.

Any idea what GermanWings' reputation with respect to trade unions and workers' rights is? Anything like RyanAir?