samedi, septembre 09, 2006

I.M. Jack - third edition

the weekly round up on j'accuse

a. Flight
A ray of light suddenly appeared through the tax-laden clouds of travel in the Maltese islands. The government gave the go-ahead for low-cost operators Ryanair and Easyjet to operate to a limited number of 'underserved' destinations. In the same week, Malta International Airport announced new cheap flights from another operator - In a game of touch and go, the Maltese travellers are given a tiny taster of modern travel. Ryanair immediately announced it's special Free Seats offer - customers would only pay tax and departure fees (Ryanair even covered the fuel surcharge). The glaring difference between Maltese fees and those of comparable airports become bleedingly obvious. The snowball has started to roll...

b. Union
Port Workers set up their new Union and left the bully boys at GWU in shambles. J'accuse augured a new phase in Maltese politics where the former big boys can no longer afford to bully around. Others like Majjistral seem to think that there is no big deal here. Only time will tell.

c. Bush
Dubya admitted to secret CIA prisons. The man never authorised torture. He should sing a new version of "It wasn't me" starring Tony I-will-soon-resign (but I'm not telling you when) Blair.

d. Bombs
They continued to explode all over the place. From Iraq, to Lebanon, to Turkey to the bomb hoax set up by a Dutch priest trying to prevent a Madonna concert from taking place. Irangate continues with a defiant Ahmadinejad still obstinately refusing to give up his nuclear programme.

e. Gorefest
We could now call Caomhin a seasoned blogger. He has kicked off a new blog that promises to be interesting. Not for the squeamish, but the idea behind it is good. So pop over to Gorefest and enjoy!

f. Food
This kind of column stereotypically has to end in a food tip. No big nosh ups have featured in this week's menu. This morning's breakfast of gallettes de sarasin filled with fromage comte and bacon'n'eggs is my suggestion. Five stars. Wash it down with a good vintage can of ice cold coke.


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