mercredi, septembre 20, 2006


Elephants are all the vogue in English politics. The "elephant" problem is one of the most talked about problems in the UK. Essentially it refers to that metaphorical situation of having an elephant in your living room. The idea is that it's like having an elephant in your living room while trying to ignore its existence - a problem that everyone claims does not exist but is known to all. Banksy, the guerilla artist, has painted an elephant the colour of wallpaper somewhere in LA. Sort of illustrates the point doesn't it.

Elephants are freuquent subjects of philosophical disquisitions. Possibly the most famous among which is the "I cannot define an elephant but I can recognise one when I see one". Which ultimately leads to the "do not try to define an elephant by saying its an elephant" issue - a popular argument in children's playgrounds.

Someone who seems to have difficulties with this definition issue is Pragmatic philosopher Sant on his weekly column. This is how he chose to start today (spot the elephant):

"Smart" is supposed to be a smart word and we are all expected to like it. Actually, under the succession of PN administrations led by Drs Fenech Adami and Gonzi, this country has been anything but smart, although the "smart" elites which manage its strategy and public relations were quite successful in convincing many people of the contrary.
Still smarting?

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