vendredi, septembre 29, 2006

Weekend Trip

You have reached J'accuse - la verité si je mens - unofficially Malta's most popular blog and specialist in extreme sports like navel-gazing and cave painting. The author of this blog is temporarily absent. Normal blogging will resume on Monday morning.

Do not break glass. We would prefer that you read back issues of J'accuse by browsing through the handy column on the right. If you are using Internet Explorer you will notice that the bloody column has slipped down. That is because we are sufficiently technologically challenged not to know how to fix this mess even though it has happened before. Do not panic. Use the even handier scroll bar that is even more to the right than the right column and scroll down to the section that says Hot Off the Press.

J'accuse regrets to inform its esteemed readers that the Complaints Board will also be on holiday and that if they (the readers, not the board) have any complaints they should just grin and bear it. Why not try a little game over at We find the table tennis really groovy. If you really think you have a brain runnning between your ears then why not try this ultra cool logical game called Samorost? No links provided. Just search Samorost on google. Or should that just be "google samorost"?

On a more serious note:
Just booked my hotel in Kerkrade. Will be away till Sunday evening. So I.M. Jack will probably be online on Monday afternoon. Off to Maastricht (Trajectum ad Mosam) , Aachen (Aix) and Liege (Luik). Will take snappy shots and eat merry meals.

more at the home of kinnie&twistees

Weekend Matches of Interest:
Willem II vs Roda JC Kerkrade
Allemania Aachen vs Bochum
Stormvogels/Telstar vs MVV Maastricht
KC Gent vs Royal Standard Liege
Niort vs FC Metz
Piacenza vs Juventus
Hibernians Paola vs Valletta
Zebbug Rovers vs SK Victoria Wanderers
(derby) Victoria Hotspurs vs Oratory Youths

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MaltaGirl a dit…

You made me laugh out loud... in the middle of an internet cafe *grin*

Have a nice weekend :-)