vendredi, septembre 01, 2006

Spurious Links

A while ago I penned a letter to the Times to complain about the excessive attention given by the Maltese (and particularly the letter writers in the Times) to icons and symbols like the Opera House, the George Cross and the Count Roger's flag. Our collective conscience is infatuated with symbolisms and archaisms that should compensate for our general lack of success as a nation in the modern era. We must be obsessed with the war and the battles for independence because we have nothing to be proud of now. The nation stopped "achieving" some time around 1970 and became one collective whinge.

Which leads us to try to claim achievements by hitching a ride on our history as expansive immigrants. It is with such opportunism that the Times regularly reports the achievements of the so-called persons of Maltese descent. Thus today we read that a certain Marcus Agius will become the new Chairman of Barclays PLC. Similarly, only a few days ago we read that Maltese-born director Jon Cassar (see picture, far right) was awarded the Emmmy for Best Director.

Sad... at least I think it is. I can imagine a special Times department armed with genealogical trees and all trying to create spurious links with all great men and women who stride this earth. A future headline might read: "Ronaldo 1/1750th Maltese - Great Great Great Great Great Uncle was cousin of Maltese Miner in Minas Gerais".

And what message are they giving us all? Easy - you want to be successful?.... emigrate. Get the hell out of this insular mentality and get a good career.

Who knows? They might be right after all. :-)

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