vendredi, septembre 29, 2006

Toilet Humour (of pots and kettles)

This is a recent cartoon that appeared on This is an example of the type of cartoons that appear on the e-paper that thinks that a pardoy of Alfred Sant using the term "Alfossa" is libellous. This is a cartoon that appears in an e-paper that dedicates today's editorial to describing the Times Cartoon as stooping very low. It's an e-paper that objected to Alfred Sant's cartoon sceptre complete with loo-paper adornment.

You ask me? I like both cartoons. Good examples of good old satire. As for they should drop the smokescreen of the cartoon. It can be helpful to deviate attention from Mr Micallef's gaffe. But isn't there something written about making a fool of yourself in order to stop others looking like fools?

2 commentaires:

david a dit…

I'm morally convinced that's cartoon depicts 'kitchen paper' not 'toilet paper'. :-)

david a dit…

and that the object the gentleman is sitting on is an artistic installation and not a real loo...