mardi, septembre 05, 2006

In Their New Shoes

Around an hour ago announced the formation of the new Maltese union - the Malta Docker's Union. 312 disgruntled port workers have now left the General Worker's Union and formed the new MDU. Their resignation from the GWU is the only formality that remains. Meanwhile Tony Zarb's ship is in a complete mess as it tries to soften the impact of the "Issa Daqshekk" (Enough!) from within the ranks. The fat cats at the Union will definitely not be as calm as they are trying to portray themselves - and in the meantime the political spectrum still has to see what to make of the new developments.

What will Sant's Labour do? Align itself with the GWU or leave its doors open to MDU? What about the PN? Will it kill any opportunity of a rational relationship by gloating on the ills that were at the source of the nascent union? Will AD grasp this opportunity to strengthen its non-environmental image?

And what will the people make of it all? I wonder how far the "Issa Daqshekk" message can pervade the disgruntled masses.

New shoes for the dockers - new ways for the politicians?

4 commentaires:

Coemgen a dit…

Do you think that the port workers, with their new Docker's union, will progress to some better stage? I doubt it.

one of the villagers a dit…

what is a fully fletched union?

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

A fully fletched union is one that fights for tea rights to partee. It is fery stronk and has a fast pase of support.

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