mercredi, septembre 13, 2006


Fausto will probably rub his hands gleefully at the end of this post. However, nobody can escape J'Accuse's independent criticism - even Harry and the Green boys. AD have just accused the government's economic growth statistics as being an example of the government being in "deep denial". Interesting.

Here is how di-ve's report starts:

Party Chairperson Dr. Harry Vassallo said that whilst on the surface there appears to be a modest economic recovery, when one looks in detail at the figures published, serious issues are raised regarding the recovery and the nature of the economic growth registered.
So. Basically as a reader I would take it that the recovery is not a recovery after all. In actual fact it would seem that this is not so. What AD are really complaining about is the fact that the recovery is not being felt by the people. Lower and middle income earners are still not gaining anything out of this recovery:

"It is obvious even at this point, that lower and middle income earners are not benefiting from this growth. In fact, from the figures themselves there is clear evidence that employee income is actually diminishing."
To be fair to AD, the title might be a conjecture of the wild headline writers at di-ve. The government can be registering a recovery but distribution of wealth and growth is not at the levels it should be.

Well. Maybe Fausto might not be feeling so gleeful after all.

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Fausto Majistral a dit…

Glee? Nah! This is dead boring. Nothing like when Harry shows off his "skills" at electoral mathematics or his "I'm God's gift to Maltese politics" meme or his mantra "this is another indication of how antiquated our rent laws are which the two political parties are unwilling to change" ...