vendredi, septembre 15, 2006


"and get me to the church on time"

J'accuse will be absent for the weekend. I am off to Slovakia for a wedding in Bratislava. Last time I was in Slovakia I slept through it. Really. On a train from Prague to Budapest I barely had time to see some Slovak sun. We were only shaken from our sleep by two rough policemen who ordered us to show them our passports. All I remember, apart from their brusque methods and huge holster guns, is their reaction once they saw a Maltese passport. "Ah! Malta... Italia, Italia" and a smile. Then we went back to sleep for the rest of a very anonymous train journey between two beautiful cities.

Time has passed since 1996. We are in the EU together now - for all that's worth. So I am looking forward for this mini break and first real discovery of the country that (to my mind) lives in the shadow of its more successful twin.

Hasta Luego!

PS Blogging will probably be resumed on Monday.

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Andre a dit…

Bratislava is a lovely city. It's about an hours drive from Vienna.

Enjoy the trip!